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LUMIX - LED Untersetzer

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Moshaik Halo V2A

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Thunder - Heat Management System

This new Heat Management System offers a unique smoking experience without going through troubles of constantly rearranging coal or bothering tightening. Due to the perfectly coordinated composition of the Thunder, the tobacco is brought to the optimal temperature not only from above but also simultaneously from below.

This is achieved by using the special stainless steel phunnel, which is, in combination with the smokebox, designed for optimal heat management. Due to the chimney effect, the Thunder requires only the smallest ventilation slots, which underlines the simple design. 

The best smokebox system on the market. The price may sound a bit high, but if you compare it with other HMD or HMS, you get a complete system in a higher quality, made in Germany. The workmanship and the complete presentation of the complete package is also very high quality. The concept is outstanding and perfect for long shisha sessions

Joern from ShishaOrient.de

Noble design and well thought innovation. A very popular product in our online store.

Niklas from Shisha Heroes

Champions League!

Selim from Shisha Shop SixtySix


Combines Elegance with Passion

Jessi from Moshaik

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